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Monday, August 14, 2006


Quizzing again last night - we had three teams and got the 1,2,3.
how much we do learn, badgers, Roman emperors, Fulham football ...

Without a trace - an article about the murderers of James Bolger. There was a recent murder in Perth that was attributed to one of the boys. Their crime was called an act of ‘unparalleled barbarity’. Now the two boys who murdered James Bulger are men, their freedom and identities protected by the courts. So what has become of them? By David James Smith

Last laugh at The Age
Gossip Jockey - kinda sleazy in that peculiarly British way - quality boobage indeed
Go Fug yourself - fashion police on the case, ace commentaries
Annette Presley of Slingshot on Mark Sainsbury's shows - mean, but oinky

Kiwi Kitchen Triptych by Lyttelton on Flickr

Mark Ryden's art


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