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Saturday, May 07, 2005

The Week that was

I love the song "Lonely" by Akon. Like the idea that the guy realises how much he misses the girl that put up with all his crap but also love it cos I have v fond memories of the song it is based on - "Miss Lonely" by Sandy Posey. My sister Barb and I had a special lp each - hers was Dusty Springfield with "Wishin and Hopin", Mine was Sandy.

Sandy was v American and v 60s - with a direct glance and a styley beehive.

Her voice had a bit of a twang. "Miss Lonely" - all about a girl whose love is a soldier, a lovely soldier. Maybe he was in Nam.

Just had a loverly scoff shared with Emma - rasp and white choc cheesecake and a piece of choc pistachio and apricot pate. And a latte. Risky I know given my genetic issues with coffee. But should get me going. And Tori Amos playing on the pc. Me and a gun.

Scary moment of the week: other than Japanese slippers, Golden Dreams, etc - Came to work on Monday and my little gnome was facing the wall with hands behind his back. Blair Witch!!


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