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Saturday, July 30, 2005

sing stars

Played with sing star last night. God it's fun.
And had a spa. Bubbling boiling steamy spa and went into the icy swimming pool to get the major tingles.

Latest popbitch snippet:
A man in Tokyo was been hurling acid on the arses of women wearing jeans because he said "It really turned me on to see a butt in a pair of jeans." Charming.

Made a discovery yesterday - National e-cards
what a sweet way to be annoying
and yucky Dan Carter screen savers and desktops

That's my new dress from ANdREA MOORE in Merivale Mall.

Au revoir charmants

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Anonymous Amy said...

Beautiful dress!! It's a perfect red colour. Love it. And I love singstar too - my performances vary but I kick ass as Kylie and Dolly (both sound like chipmunks).

3:19 PM


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