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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wilkommen 2008

An ingenious use of your vinyl sleeves...

Rome is back on TV1 on Sunday nights ... et tu hot Brutus

Most sought after book - Lost Girls by Alan Moore - reviewed by Michel Faber. Huge, and purple in all senses.

10 fashion rules for 2008

Cate B looks wunderbar as a Russian dominatrix in the upcoming Indiana Jones movie. Kapow!

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Blogger /fish said...

I'm incredibly tempted to place a request for purchase on Lost Girls for my library system but I'm not sure it wouldn't be kept in a lead iron box behind the desk for fear of an outbreak of misbehaviour.

3:54 PM

Blogger Kebabette said...

Me too! I have recommended some interesting things in my time but this might just be a tad too much - plus the copy I saw at Christchurch's Scorpio Books was about $160!

4:10 PM

Blogger /fish said...

I did it. I provided a discussion of Moore's place within contemporary indie comics authorship and linked to a review (in the Listener, no less!) so that my colleagues can retain the illusion I'm not just an unreconstructed perv... I simply have to see what they've come up with, and I'm not about to spend $160 do do so!

5:19 PM

Blogger Kebabette said...

Power to you! let me know how you go. Oh what the heck I am going to be brave now and recommend it to my library too.

5:40 PM

Blogger /fish said...

I'm sure my reputation won't be affected until it actually hits the cataloguers... I'll have to watch out for the averted, appalled eye after my hold arrives.

4:19 PM

Blogger Kebabette said...

I got it today as a present from my boy! 30% off at Borders. It is astonishing, I'm so happy.

9:29 PM


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