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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hot off the Press from Melbourne

Kia ora everyone

I am in the swanky conference venue, the Crown Casino, scoffing on the conference food. The place is swarming with library and techy types. Had a good flight over on JetStar, slept most of the way, and read a crap magazine. Cath and I are staying at the Hotel Ibis on Therry Street which is right by the Queen Vic Market. We checked out a few shops, especially taken with one called Leghorn Rouge, very ornate and glamorous. We had a coffee then I met Sarah for lunch at her office near Spencer Street. We had delicious crepes at this cute hole in the wall joint. Later we registered for the conference and had tea with Sar at the Blue Train on Southbank. Trammed up to the main eatery area, Lygon Street, and, as promised, had the best hot chocolate ever at Koko Black.

Slept like a chubby and happy little baby.

Miss you though, take care ...


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