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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Gallery of dream dolls

Rouge Noir (2002)Feline Fancy (2003)Bear Hug (2003)Velvet Minuet (2004)Kitchen Queen (2004)Happy Everyday (2004)Lil Heart Blythe (2004)Margaret meets ladybug (2005)Pom pom pretty (2005)Please Plie (2005)Cinema Princess (2005)Rendez vous Chou Chou (2005)Jiggly Joggly Jaguar (2006)Love Bambinyo (2006)April Waltz (2006)Darling Diva (2006)Last Kiss (Juliet)(2006)Penny Little (2006)


Anonymous mo-mo said...

so many lovelies! Kitchen queen, rendezvous, and the one with the little bunny hood all tickle my fancy. Dream dolls indeed.

10:17 PM

Blogger Tanning Lotion said...

It seems the uglier they make dolls nowadays the more popular they are.

8:58 PM

Anonymous Raja said...

Interesting to know.

8:27 AM


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