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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Believe the Hype

The Hype Machine
I tend to play around with new web sites and trickeries, some stick, some don't (bye bye Myspace, sorry Library Thing - too many books, too little time, and too much of a desire to do quality cataloguing). But here is one that is going to STICK. The goddess Tulip Black has hooked me up with The Hype Machine. It "tracks a variety of MP3 blogs. If a post contains MP3 links, it adds those links to its database and displays them on the front page". So you can track new music, artists, etc.

I've added a widget in the right hand navigation so I can see what music is good.

And in the wonderfully web like nature of the web, I ended up on My Old Kentucky Blog, delving into their cover version project. All roads lead to Kate Bush. Specially the ones you run up.



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