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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


My colleague Simone makes the most delicioso Afghans. No need for wussy icing or walnuts when you make them with Valrhona Dutch cocoa. So very very good.

Of course, when I pop in to buy said cocoa at Aji, I have to try some of their Schoc chocolate. The lime and chili is ... gaaahhhh!! beyootiful and your tongue will be in paroxyms of pleasure. yes yes yyeeeeessss!

Other guilty pleasures:
  • Dai Henwood

  • Paul Henry

  • Duran Duran

  • New Weekly

  • Badass sweet sweet wine

  • Socks with lacy tops like I wore at my first communion

  • Cats in outfits (a la Miss Glamourpuss)

Shame is an outmoded construct.

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Anonymous Marion said...

Yea for Shoc choc from Aji. And don't forget Trade Aid dark - also tres good in all senses.

2:00 PM

Blogger Kebabette said...

True! the fair trade way is the best I reckon.

7:28 AM

Blogger Chris A said...

there's something deeply worrying about paul henry. or rather, being desensitized to what an ass he is...

3:42 PM


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