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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Toons & News

The cartoon Drawn Together has been wowing us on Prime TV. Filthy good fun, and I'd like to say you'd like it if you like Family Guy. But they don't tend to shit on pizzas there. Anyhoo, while the Pokemon-alike character Ling Ling is my fave, I am a bit of a Toot Braunstein I think.

The news has been dominated by the tragic story of Pumpkin.Here are some other things that have been in the news or out on the interweb:
  • Our boob-job warriors: ADF defends breast enlargements: The Australian Defence Force has denied paying for breast enlargements so that female sailors could look sexy and said taxpayers only footed the bill if the surgery was needed for psychological reasons. The navy paid $10,000 each for the sailors, aged 25 and 32, to have cosmetic breast enlargements, newspapers have reported.
  • World wide op shop
  • Wonderful Art - broken statuettes are a thing of rare beauty
  • Make yr own jackson pollock
  • Bert and Ernie swear it up as Joe Pesci and Bobby de Niro
  • Ahoy mateys - have fun with generation. Might I recommend the Marie Suzette generator - instantly create an obnoxiously romantic original character.
    The red-gold-haired, ultramarine-eyed beauty known only as Marguerite has a secret: not only is she a notorious courtesan, she is General Lamarque's daughter! Her feathery angel wings and a talent for languages set her apart from others

    I was at the LIANZA library conference - pics here. And we was on TV3.

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    Anonymous Lita said...

    Oo! You was on the telly!! Kapai Kebabette.

    I loved Drawn Together, I think its finished now, it was on every night for a while there, but was a bit late for my old bones.

    and I love your blog big time!

    7:27 PM

    Blogger Kebabette said...

    Ta Lita ...

    i love bits on the side too. Like your style!


    7:46 PM


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