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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sparkle motion and good news for Cheese lovers

Tete a tete
Originally uploaded by kebabette
The photo is a dress out the front of Tete a Tete, a vintage clothing shop in Hereford Street, Christchurch. They had a sale the other week, I got neat shoes and a sparkly bag.

And in more happy news: It's the cheeseboard fo schizzle. The excellent Music Slut blog tells us Richard Cheese is bringing out a new album of loungey goodness.

Headline of the day (from the Nelson Mail): Community service for wombat rape claim

Cool WWII style Battlestar Galactica posters

Taking "This charming man" to a new level - it's the The Hunky Jesus Easter competition

I just realised why I like Neon Neon - it's covered in glitter, delectably tuneful, and a bit Candy O. and that's GOOOOD. Check out "I told her on Alderaan". Star Wars challenged me didn't know it was Princess Leia's home planet (but now I do).

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Blogger /fish said...

Totally unrelated - good news/bad news for comics fans.

Good news - I finally persuaded the powers that be (along with apparently a number of customer requests for purchase) that The Lost Girls was a good thing to have.

Bad news - people saw it and had a conniption fit.

Good news - I managed to persuade the powers that be that based on my so-called expertise as someone who has read a hell of a lot of comix and even co-written one this was a serious work of literary merit - referenced Anais Nin, Henry Miller etc.

Scary news - just so we can be safe they want me to steer it through a submission to the censor's office for an age classification. Eeek!

12:32 PM

Blogger Kebabette said...

Blimey - be interested to see how long that process takes ... and what the rating ends up as!

Ah, it is worth the wait.

5:18 PM

Blogger /fish said...

Hard to pick. R.Crumb for example has all sorts of transgressive hijinks going on in some parts of his work but he's got a general rating, although it may be because he hasn't been challenged.

I'm actually quite excited about finding out about the process. I hope I don't have to take part in a book burning!

7:48 PM


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