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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Post Boxing Day

Today has been a mix of sun-snoozing and reading "a crime classic by the creator of The Wire" Homicide by David Simon.

So here's the recent internetty goodies:
Upcoming music from the divine Patrick Wolf. From what I've heard, it's as stunningly melodic as ever with an extra soupcon of hardedge. Love.

The coolest screensaver - spotted courtesy of Nubby Twiglet. Turns your monitor into a modernist clock.

Classic NZ music vids from the New Zealand Film Archive - Ready to Roll

Reasons to be glad NZ Christmas is in summer - holiday sweaters.

My book of the year online - Perfumes: the Guide

Cute onesies from Threadless - plus a nicely literary t.

TV t-shirts from the Holy Moly shop - especially The Wire ones. Where's the Stringer Bell one?

Like this I Claudius referencing music vid "Direct Hit" by Art Brut

Reason #1 to buy an iPod - this old skool boombox from Rough Trade

I am going back to my old swatches - and helped me identify the ones I have:
Nadia Comaneci
Piero Fornasetti
And finally - some beautiful libraries.


Blogger Giovanni said...

So... how's the David Simon book anyway?

8:31 PM

Blogger Kebabette said...

Brilliant and as bittersweet as you'd expect with the subject matter. One of the cases left unsolved is the murder of a young girl and the amount of effort and emotion poured into the case by one of the detectives is the core of the book really.

I was really surprised to find that the names of the people involved were their real names too.

8:59 PM

Blogger Giovanni said...

Thank you - the very testimonial I needed to include this in my Amazon wishlist.

I'm off to save money now.

9:37 PM


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