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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Post Labour Day - The Fashion issue

First up, big congrats to my sister Sarah for having her play The Bar at the end of the world put on in Auckland as part of PlayRight07
See NZ Herald Thurs 18 October
PlayRight 07: The Season at Herald Theatre
Here's a review from Theatreview.

Now let's move on to a bit of a Fashun theme:
  • Some desirable items from Rita Sue - The Black Dahlia dress (seen below) is tres foxy
  • as are the naughty Lolita glasses, would be good for minxing it up
  • Fashion Rocks - from The Age - Lily Allen's frocks, Bat for Lashes' headbands, even Beth Ditto's leotards - today's rock chicks are being embraced as improbable fashion icons ...
  • Sexysexy socks - anyone into hosiery will be sent into palpitations (I am admiring these boudoir delights)
  • Tamsin Cooper is now online. Lovely.
  • Highly recommended bra shop in Christchurch U fit in

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