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Saturday, March 25, 2006


"Look where you going!" - arsed over on Monday. In crazy Japanese platform wedges. Skinned my knee, but walked around ok for a few hours until raging pain and agony set in. Tears etc. Thanks to my support crew of Dad and Shane (Fireman's lifter extraordinaire) got myself sorted. No bones broken, just a sprained foot.

Had a bit of a Family Guy marathon, including new Stewie movie.
My fave ever FG moment is from Episode 10 "There's something about Paulie". Peter imagines he is on a Bachelor/Dating show:

Okay. Bachelor Number One. I'm an ice cream cone. How are you gonna eat me?

Bachelor 1
I'd invite my friend Rudy over and the two of us would give you a "double dip."

Okay, Bachelor Number Two.

Bachelor 2 I'd lick off all the cream and give you my special whipped topping.

Sounds good. Bachelor Number Three?

Peter Griffin
I would try to eat you really fast before I got flaccid.

Blythes on order include this little Shanghai Surprise. Supercute.

And v excited cos next week hopefully sees the RETURN OF THE BLUFF OYSTER, the best food in the known universe. Salivating in anticipation.
I like them raw, tasting of the sea, but other oystery delicacies I have loved are:
OYSTER PIE (with mashed spuds)

Also, really enjoyed being a guest roadie at the radio show of the century. Saturday 18 March/Sunday 19 March on RDU. Thanks Shane and Tim you bloody ROCK!

Friday, March 17, 2006


A virtual trip to BodyJam class! It is like that "Simon says" game and you can take on the instructor or other dancers. I am shite, but hey, that's the way it is.

If you are into 50s pinup style clothing with a bit of a Gothic edge (and who isn't), Illicit is in town. The Misery Boutique stuff is loverly. Down that new Lichfield precinct, M. got a stunning pink pencil skirt with embroidery and roses, so I scuttled down for a look got a black curvehugging sunfrock. Yippee. Nice to have clothes that enhance our womanly physiques.

Have I mentioned my iriver? It is a joy to fill with music.

Went to the Erotica Expo in the weekend just gone. Seemed to create a media storm in teacup in beloved Press, not sure why as it was quite understated. Still, full nudity in the Convention Centre is not to be sneezed at.

and good old Guardian Books section has come up with another potential must read called Lost Cosmonaut

  • Kalder then undertakes a haphazard tour of the empty, dreary and practically unheard of - even in Russia - republics of Tatarstan, Kalmykia, Mari El and Udmurtia. Sticking faithfully to the spirit of the declarations, he seeks out all that is dull and decaying, and embarks on a series of obscure quests. These include a search for Mikhail Kalashnikov, inventor of the AK47 and Udmurtia's most famous son, a journey to a city dedicated to chess, and an attempt to remain in his hotel room for the entirety of one leg of his journey on the basis that "I figured no travel writer had ever done it before" (in the event, he lasted about two hours). Cocking a final snook at the traditional travel-writing genre, he also fully embraces the Shymkent Declarations' final item: "The anti-tourist loves truth, but he is also partial to lies. Especially his own.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Dolly news: the Gothic Lolita Cassandra Black is back in production so have ordered one. And have ordered my first non-Petite. Tea for Two encore ...

Also excited that Grand Prix is back. Wilkommen and kia ora to Kimi and the boys. Bahrain Grand Prix threw up some new things - Nico Rosberg (son of Keke), return of tyre changes (hallelujah), Ferrari back in form, etc etc. It sucks that it is on Sky but Mum and Dad are kindly taping it for me and stickin it in letterbox.

Check this out: luvvie actor Alan Cumming has launched a fragrance Cumming. Genius. View the ad. It is mentioned on my fave perfume site Bois de Jasmin - see their article on fame and perfume and a fabulous look at dark fragrances.

Funny news item - the dumbass Yank who stole Richie McCaw's photo to promote himself in the dating arena.

Ka kite ano my pretties.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Long time no blog so will give a whirlwind flit around some thingies.

SC and me went to the RDU 30th birthday gig on Sunday 26 February at the Oval at Canty Uni (before that to the Avice Crafty fair - bought quince pate and quince&manuka honey).

Photo sess with frame, SC did some ingenious painterly adapting. Love his work.

On a similarly arty tip, I used the Rasterbator on this photo of me and Grandad and now it adorns my lounge. Thanks to Mo for the heads up on this wonderful little tool.

2 new Blythes (+ came back from hols with a Blythe wallet and mirror). Orange Pumpkin with her hot little glasses and French maid outfit, and the lovely Asian Butterfly with her adornments and silky blue hair. They have got names now too - Pumpkin is "Raikkonen Peach" and Butterfly is "Kitten Wentworth".

Favourite shop in Melbourne - Madame Pompadour. Boudoir to the Max. Another little nifty treat - the iriver I bought last minute at duty free. What a toy! am wired for sound.

Off to celebrate the birthday of my Jazzacise and Saturday working buddy TulipBlack. Night kittens.