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Friday, September 28, 2007

Words Deshabille

Quite enjoyed this posting on the joy of words. My contribs were:


Of course, there are so many delicious wordy trinkets. Deshabille just occured to me ...


Doll Patrol

It's a dancing prancing mood on the doll front. Have ordered two lovely ensembles - "Sugar Plum Fairy" and "Flamenco Fiesta".

The dance theme is apt as Christchurch is in the midst of The Body Festival of Dance and Physical Theatre. Have yet to go, but am eyeing the hiphop and Bollywood workshops.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


My colleague Simone makes the most delicioso Afghans. No need for wussy icing or walnuts when you make them with Valrhona Dutch cocoa. So very very good.

Of course, when I pop in to buy said cocoa at Aji, I have to try some of their Schoc chocolate. The lime and chili is ... gaaahhhh!! beyootiful and your tongue will be in paroxyms of pleasure. yes yes yyeeeeessss!

Other guilty pleasures:
  • Dai Henwood

  • Paul Henry

  • Duran Duran

  • New Weekly

  • Badass sweet sweet wine

  • Socks with lacy tops like I wore at my first communion

  • Cats in outfits (a la Miss Glamourpuss)

Shame is an outmoded construct.

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Buxom wenches kick ass in Christchurch

Shame on you Christchurch Casino: Christchurch Casino says it is reviewing its dress code and was already doing so when it received a complaint from a woman who says she was "humiliated" after being asked to cover her ample breasts..

As an ample gal myself I feel her pain. What next? Will gents with combovers be expelled from their hallowed gambling halls? It just ain't cricket. Why are big boobs only acceptable if they are silicone and leering from some men's mag?

Silly old Campbell Live on TV3 is choosing to deal with the story by talking to Nicky Watson. Jeez they're fake!

Ironically President Hugo Chavez railed against a new trend in beauty-conscious Venezuela, giving girls breast implants for their 15th birthday. "Now some people think, 'My daughter's turning 15, let's give her breast enlargements.' That's horrible.

The other story Campbell is covering tonight; "We meet a woman who has set herself a most unusual challenge. At 21 years old she's decided to have eleven babies to eleven different fathers. Find out how she's gone about it and more importantly, why she's doing it."

Ah bless, investigative journalism at its best. Al Jazeera rip your heart out.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Go Home Productions and more mashin it up on the motorway

Dang I am just so entranced by the art of the mash. Yeah there is some average crap, but when it is done well it is something wicked this way coming. A heads up and heartfelt thumbs up to Go home productions and Mark Vidler. It is fabulous stuff, and is all currently available for download.

Some of my favourite tracks are his "Too Busy Thinking About The Angry Mob" and "Pinochiohead On LSD".

Some of my top Mashes of the Moment mostly courtesy of Mashuptown:
  • Am I Undone by DJ Clivester. Erasure/Fat boy Slim/Korn. Relentless and funky fresh.
  • 1,2, Sirens, u - DJ Useo vs Celebrity Murder Circus (from Blame it on the Bootie). Dizzee Rascal on a whole new swing.
  • When the Pussycat dolls cry. Yes it is Prince and the Dolls, such a logical combo. We know he likes the laydees. Courtesy of Pheugoo.
  • DJ Zebra - Rude boy in a forest
  • Rihanna's Primal Scream
  • Cold War Fiasco - Cold War Kids and Lupe Fiasco - from Team 9
  • so many nice uses of Peter, Bjorn and John's Young Folks
  • and for a mellow finale White Clocks - Coldplay, Kraftwerk mindmeld with Duran Duran's version of "White Lines". DJ Clivester.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Toons & News

The cartoon Drawn Together has been wowing us on Prime TV. Filthy good fun, and I'd like to say you'd like it if you like Family Guy. But they don't tend to shit on pizzas there. Anyhoo, while the Pokemon-alike character Ling Ling is my fave, I am a bit of a Toot Braunstein I think.

The news has been dominated by the tragic story of Pumpkin.Here are some other things that have been in the news or out on the interweb:
  • Our boob-job warriors: ADF defends breast enlargements: The Australian Defence Force has denied paying for breast enlargements so that female sailors could look sexy and said taxpayers only footed the bill if the surgery was needed for psychological reasons. The navy paid $10,000 each for the sailors, aged 25 and 32, to have cosmetic breast enlargements, newspapers have reported.
  • World wide op shop
  • Wonderful Art - broken statuettes are a thing of rare beauty
  • Make yr own jackson pollock
  • Bert and Ernie swear it up as Joe Pesci and Bobby de Niro
  • Ahoy mateys - have fun with generation. Might I recommend the Marie Suzette generator - instantly create an obnoxiously romantic original character.
    The red-gold-haired, ultramarine-eyed beauty known only as Marguerite has a secret: not only is she a notorious courtesan, she is General Lamarque's daughter! Her feathery angel wings and a talent for languages set her apart from others

    I was at the LIANZA library conference - pics here. And we was on TV3.

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  • New gals

    As usual there is a spunky little crop of the wee gels on the Blythe site. Purty.
    There is also a very OTT big one called "Dainty Biscuit". She is a bit oversweet for my liking.
    One of the joys of the big girls is their super eyechanging power. I particularly like her Liz Taylors.

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    Wednesday, September 05, 2007

    Smock my bitch up

    As a riposte to a rather silly debate on the NZ librarians mailing list - CCL smocked back.

    Blog idol contestant Mo Mo had this to say Let’s get ready to ruuummmbbbbble!. VOTE FOR MOATA!

    On the mashup tip, might I recommend this Sgt Pepper collection at mashuptown and Go Home Productions This was Pop. + teaching indie kids to dance again - Nirvana goes electro.

    Lovely advert for Melbourne. Music is apparently by Joanna Newsom.

    I loved the wild enthusiasm of this announcement:
    Ground Breaking New Cleaning Regime at *****
    Monday 3rd September sees a completely new approach to cleaning at the
    **** Offices and the **** Building.
    Following European Best Practice all our cleaning will be done in the day time. A new team of dedicated cleaners will begin at 0630 (team one) and will be on site until 1800 each working day (team two). ***** is the first organisation in the City to introduce a system that promises marked quality improvements and significant energy savings. You will get to know the *** staff as they will be part of our everyday operations. Please make them welcome and help them find their way about
    this warren of a building. Thank you.

    Headline of the month Flaming pyjamas, poisoned trousers from China.

    Pee yourself over Passive Aggressive Notes ... and pedantic fun at Quotation Marks ... and Bits on the side.

    I love The Age (Melbourne) blog Third Best. They are scoping Fashion Week at the mo. ThE gentleman above was modelling at the Leopold show. You know black grundies with white shoes will be the way to go this summer. Keep your fashion footprint light and tight!

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