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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Check out some of our Aucklandy adventures at the Writers and Readers Festival. Had a fabulous busy time, enjoyed seeing such legends as Richard E. Grant and Tim Winton.

In momentary "down time" had a mini spree on music and foot garb. Queen Street, my base for the Festival, has just got a JB Hi Fi. Highly recommended for the sheer quantity of their stuff - they definitely cater for "the long tail". I go mad in the various JB Hi Fis in Melbourne and this new shop was just as good.
My booty:
  • David Sylvian "Secrets of the Beehive"
  • Feargal Sharkey
  • "Mashed"
  • "The Trip" Dirty Vegas
  • endtroducing DJ Shadow (for Shane) and a Star Wars soundtrack with super duper hologram cover

And Auckland's predeliction for interesting shoe shops - with footwear from Hong Kong, Korea, and China mostly - plays right onto my feet.

Red patent mary janes
Chocolate wedges with furry ankle strap
Hot pink boots
Purple bedazzled courts

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Adam Dennis

Adam Dennis was born at 9.34 pm Friday 11 May, weighing 8 pound 9. He is currently having his head wetted by the lads at the ale house.

Grandad says hi!

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Writers and Readers

Next week I will be at the Writers and Readers Festival in Auckland, and blogging live for Christchurch City Libraries. One of the big stars in attendance is Richard E. Grant.

Happy Kitty Bunny Pony

Yes indeedy I am a sucker for cute stuff, and this is definitely strasopheric cuteness. And may yet win book title of the year. Happy Kitty Bunny Pony

And me do like the chunky cocktail rings. These ones from Kagi are purrfection. Called Hand Kandi.

Ms FlyMo as usual is ace at discovery (as all good librarians are) - this is Comeeko - make comics outta your own pics.

This is my new bike a Huffy Phazer. My first ride nearly killed me, but now my thighs are used to it. I cycled with Shane round Hagley Park and he said it was like being out riding with a kid.

On the reading front, well, it is FEAST time.
  • How to Look Good Naked by Gok Wan - it is in the Trinny and Susannah vein, about dressing various figure types - hourglass, tummies, big boobs, skinny etc. Of course, some of us inconveniently straddle many types, with the added bonus of being 5 foot tall! his advice is sound though, much as I adore 50s style skirts they ain't doing me any favours.

  • Touching from a Distance by Deborah Curtis (widow of Joy Division's Ian Curtis). Moving and honest, it is a beautiful book I have wanted to read for a long time. Thanks to cheeky monkey Tim who owns it.

  • Dan Rhodes Gold - At last it is here. My favourite author. A book about pub quizzes. Hell it is tailor made!

  • Misadventures by Sylvia Smith. A rapid reread of this old favourite dry autobiog. And on the backburner is the followup "My Holidays". Here is a Guardian digested read:

  • Throughout my childhood my parents supplied me with a variety of pets. We once kept 24 goldfish outside in an old boiler; I've often wondered whether they minded swimming in the dark. Sadly they died when the water froze. I also had a tortoise; sadly that died, too.

    Beth was a very pretty 14-year-old. She took me to see Mandy, her heavily pregnant sister. Unbeknownst to Mandy, Beth was having sex with her boyfriend.

    Carol and I worked together. Each Christmas I would buy her some toiletries. She told her mum, "At least you know what Sylvie is going to give you."
    My friend Gloria once caught the director sitting on the toilet with his trousers down; we all had a good laugh about that. My father and I once got piles at the same time. That wasn't so funny.

    I saw a woman getting soaked by a passing car, but she carried on as if nothing untoward had happened.

    My relationship with John lasted three dances. His chat-up line was, "I work for the BBC." It turned out he meant Barking Borough Council.

    Hilary and I met at the social club. She told me that her daughter Francesca had shat herself in the swimming pool but she didn't think anyone else had noticed. John S and I also met at the social club; he used to arrange coach journeys to Europe and overcharge everyone so he could go free. Sadly he was going bald.

    Malcolm and I met at a large social event. On one date he took me to the cinema and spent 20 minutes in the gentlemen's toilets. He never apologised when he came out. I also went out with Ghalib but was shocked to find he had amorous thoughts in another direction.

    When I reached the age of 40, I decided I needed to make some money. I bought some premium bonds. Sadly I would have been better off keeping my money in the Post Office.

    A little boy was hit by a car outside the doctor's surgery. Afterwards we all said that there couldn't be a better place to have an accident.

    A flower seller once asked me to marry him after I smiled at him. I declined. I also saw a man with brown stains on his white shorts; I decided he must have a touch of diarrhoea.

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