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Thursday, April 27, 2006

sexiest car ever

The Bugatti Veyron - Jeremy Clarkson writes so beautifully about it.

Saw my first normal sized Blythe in person today, fellow B lover brought her in for me to look at

She is Pow Wow Poncho, gorgeous coppery hair and eyes, (Or emerald green if she looks left.

Girls' night out tomorrow - Spa! Singstar! Plonk! Huzzah!

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Shane and I had a bit of an Alices bonanza and got out the classic, none bleaker BBC series Threads. Utterly riveting and terrifying. Got Tripods, Triffids, Firefly (thanks to Simone), Ong Bak Muy Thai warrior ... phew ...

On a nukey theme, on 26 April it is the 20th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear accident so am working on a backgrounder. Some amazing material on the Web, this photo gallery Nuclear Nightmares: 20 years since Chernobyl is powerful stuff and I remember being absorbed for a long time in this site detailing a girls' motorbike rides in the exclusion zone.

Had a lovely little Melbourne visitor for Easter, miss you Sar. Had fun at Dux including a full on "beer lava lamp", family Easter Sunday lunch. We had a good little shopout too, with Sar buying a stunning dress at Cue and me breaking the shoe drought with sexy little sequin ballet slippers from Glassons.

Have been looking for a new bed - some dubious Trade Me options included big ass round bed and another with a mirrored headboard.And latest dolly pics
Tea for Two encore -I have her on order, so hope all goes well cos she would be my first non-Petite!

Petites - latest news from Blythe site
New Petite Blythe "Spring Chocolat" designed by Mamechiyo
"Samedi Marche"
"Wake Up Kiss" Petite is the 3rd in the Blythe Story series
On the Japanese section are pics of "April Waltz"

and "Tady ho" (I think that is her name)

Barb and Chris are off on Friday to States - San Fran, Disneyland, and big extravaganza wedding vow renewal at Las Vegas. Bon voyage.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

V for Vendetta

God "V for Vendetta" is a great movie, you gotta see it to believe it. It slams the U.S. into a wall, and V is the sexiest mask wearer ever. Hugo Weaving has the most literate ornate dialogue I have ever heard + an intimate knowledge of history and Shakespeare + a rather fetching way with knives.

Another most appealing gent is Rufus Wainwright. Voice, songs, and like his dress up style.

Urban dictionary definition of librarian. Definitions one and two. Ahem.