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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Blythe Anniversary

Coming up soon is the 6th anniversary Blythe. Here is the gallery of Anniversary goddesses thus far:
2002: Miss Anniversary

2003: Nike - Courtney Tez

2004: Art Attack

2005: Cinema Princess

2006: Darling Diva

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blythe once more

A little influx of newbies - Gentle River and Lemon Butter (Lemon being the little one I think):

This Neo Blythe is called "Rainy Day Parade". What a sweetie in her little overalls and her nice bobbed hair

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Recent web nuggets, literary and otherwise:

  • Those nauseating Anchor Family ads are now on YouTube. Thanks for telling us Spare Room. Part of NZ culture.
  • Dan Rhodes's top 10 short books - Was happy to see a list from my favourite writer appear on The Guardian. He is just so clever and appealing, check this out:
    "The Bride Wore Black by Cornell Woolrich" - His name makes him sound like a range of cardigans, but Cornell Woolrich was in fact a writer of highly-wrought suspense fiction, this one being a fine example. In his 1948 book Rendezvous In Black, the main character is called Johnny Marr, and at one point he has a fight with a man called Morrissey. A must-read for Smiths fans."
    Dan IS the man.
  • Works like a charm- Jonathan Franzen's is a squeaky chair, Jane Smiley's a hot bath, Douglas Coupland's chocolate chips ... writers reveal what gets their creative juices flowing.
  • Keats biopic should be Romantic, not romanticised - I'm worried that Jane Campion's Keats biopic will play up to the sickly stereotypes of the garret-dwelling poet.
  • Race to Size Zero - yup they all want to be pins.
  • Cole retains his British cool - had to search on Lloyd Cole after seeing him live at Al's Bar.
  • How to make a good comeback - Tim de Lisle
    "The answer, my friend, isn't always blowing in the wind. Sometimes it's on another record. In 1984, the fey Glasgow-based indie guitar band Lloyd Cole and the Commotions released a song called Are You Ready to Be Heartbroken? Twenty-two years later, the fey Glasgow-based indie guitar band Camera Obscura have released a single called Lloyd, I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken. It hasn't made the charts, but it has been played 100,000 times on Camera Obscura's MySpace page. It's a suitable fate for Lloyd Cole, who couldn't write a song in his youth without mentioning one of his heroes ("read Norman Mailer/or get a new tailor"), and it's a fine song in its own right, with a chorus like an ice cream on a hot day."

Newest Petites:
"Dainty Biscuit" and "Care free tee", plus limited edition "Lavender Love"

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Friday, April 06, 2007

A piece of genius and the enduring love of vinyl

Chase me ladies, I'm in the cavalry

One of the best funny bloody clever blogs around is the beautifully named Chase me ladies, I'm in the cavalry. I just had a read and came across a thread of sheer genius.

Read here about John Doe, John Donne and all sorts of other permutations (April 2 2007).


I have loved music as long as I can remember, and in 1979 at a tender age I won 10 LPs in a competition from The Truth newspaper ...
Blondie - Parallel Lines: This is an alltime classic, from the iconic black and white cover to the musical gems like "Heart of Glass" and "Picture this"

The Cars - Candy-O: I love the segue from Shoo-be-doo to Candy O
Bad Girls - Donna Summer: Toot toot yeah beep beep

The Little River Band - It's a long way there - Greatest Hits
Wings - Greatest
Cheap Trick - Dream Police
Racey - Smash and Grab: The song "Kitty" is exactly the same as 80s Toni Basil classic "Mickey" (but it is about Kitty of course)

Communique - Dire Straits
The soundtrack of Grease!
Breakfast in America - Supertramp
See Gym Class Heroes "cupid's chokehold" take on the title song

Happy Easter y'all


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Music be the food ...

This is Spanky Punky and Shy Bear. Yes there are still lots of cuties coming through but none on order. I am cold turkey on newbies.

Idolator - thanks for the heads up from the 'Erb Whisperer on this one. He played a hot Amerie track on The Joint show and now I am hooked.

Other newly recommended/discovered music sites are Daytrotter (which has the bonus of very pretty drawings) and Pitchfork.

And suuurrrrely the band name of the year is Someone still loves you Boris Yeltsin!

My favourite video of the moment is Cold War Kids. Watch it and savour its style and the great guitars.

Glad to hear all the reports that one of my fave fashion trends is back with a vengeance
o yes it is Flashdance. What a feeling!

and cool sneaks: "Steven Hawking Allstars Summer sneaker collection arrives!"

Heartless philanderer or modern emotional realist? - This is a challenging read "This man slept with dozens of women throughout his marriage, even when his wife was at home dying from cancer. Yet he never stopped loving her and nursed her to the end... "

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