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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

looky here

Petite Blythe Tsukiusagi Petite Blythe Piccadilly Dolly Encore
Limited Edition Petite Blythe "Last Kiss"

cue wistful sighing, they are so adorable.

On a less cute note, watched Soylent Green. Twice.

Billy Bragg's version of Walk Away Renee
Now that is some lyrics.

<<< She said it was just a figment of speech
And I said, "You mean figure?"
And she said, "No, figment"
Because she could never imagine it happening
But it did.

When we first met I played the shy boy
And when she spoke to me for the first time
My nose began to bleed
She guessed the rest

The next day we went on a bus ride to the ferry
And when nobody came to collect our fares
Well, I knew then this was something special
I couldn’t stop thinking about her
And every time I switched on the radio
There was somebody else singing a song about the two of us

It was just like being on a fast ride at the funfair
The sort you wanna get off because it’s scary
And then as soon as you’re off
You wanna get straight back on again

But our love is strange
And you have to take the crunchy with the smooth I s'pose
She began going out with Mr Potato Head
It was when I saw her in the car park
With his coat around her shoulders that I realised
I went home and thought about the two of them together
Until the bath water went cold around me

I thought about her eyes and the curve of her breasts
And about the point where their bodies met
I confronted her about it.
I said, "I’m the most illegible bachelor in town."
And she said, "Yea, that's why I can never understand
Any of those silly letters you send me."

And then one day it happened
She cut 'er hair and I stopped lovin' 'er

Heard New Order at Parklife on my cellphone. Lucky Lucky my sister Sar.
Her show Gigoloed has a Myspace too

And in the fashion line:

More lovely pinup clothing at Noir. I like the sexy little corset socks. And these cherry red platforms

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Velvet Fog

More evidence of my worrying connection to George Costanza:

GEORGE: I gotta find a way to work this out, I love that apartment. It's so cozy, I'm ensconced in velvet. You know, if it were socially acceptable--

JERRY: I know, you would drape yourself in velvet.

GEORGE: I've said that before?

JERRY: Many times. You love velvet, you want to live in velvet, everything with the velvet.

With you on that one George, I am obsessed with velour leisure suits. The epitome of sexy sophisticated supreme beings of leisureness.


Christchurch rocked to a meteroic beat this week (12 Sept)

The Library launches email newsletters (11 Sept)

and a little game (dress up a librarian)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Beauty is truth, truth beauty. That is all ye know on Earth, and all ye need to know

Originally uploaded by kebabette.

It's all around. Watch out for Stendhal's Syndrome, where you are so overcome with the beauty that surrounds you that all you can do is lie about and weep in a most artistic manner.

Latest UK Vogue (September 2006) has another way you can incorporate art pour l'art (art for art's sake) into daily living. Soundart UK has speakers that are literally pieces of art.

Another truly beautiful thing - Justin Timberlake in motion. What a nose that boy has too.