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Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday Monday

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Am liking the new NZ site Pretty pretty pretty = looks like one to watch for makeup and girly tips. Good on them for recommending Minifies - it's a great place for Ben Nye makeup, hairpieces, party dress up things, and jewellery.

A belated tribute to Etsy and NZ site Felt and the new breed of crafts - it's hot hot hot.
My petite Blythes are of course catered for by various sewing whizzes, as are my penchants for:
Boudoir style
Gothic Lolita

What's the connection between sci-fi fads and what's happening in society? from io9 - I almost got diverted into the Battlestar Galactica spoilers -hell, the tagline "Rough sex with Starbuck" is a hard one to resist!

On the telly watching theme -
Underbelly. You know a show is good when after the hour is up you are gagging for more. Adios Vince Colosimo as Alphonse Gangitano, you were a princely gangster indeed. Carl Williams and his new sidekick Roberta are terrific entertainment. As a frequent Melbourne visitor, I knew a bit about this story but Underbelly tells it so well.

You know I like me some t-shirts - how about this lot? Patrick Bateman? Dancing is gay? Who can decide.

I would like a Dethklok t-shirt though. Brutal. Metalocalypse is death metal humour (on dvd from Alice in Videoland). They are virtual, but like cartoon band Gorillaz they kick ass and are on tour. Not for the squeamish - yummy downloads here.

And at the other pole ... Heeeere's a new Blythe ... Can can can!

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Thursday, April 17, 2008


Death Cab for Cutie has seduced me beyond all measure with the 8 minute plus obsessive anthem I WILL POSSESS YOUR HEART.

I've just decided it is today's Every breath you take.
Stalkerish, propulsive emphatic bass, ice darkness and beauty at its core.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Rainbow Nation

In a cold world you need things that twinkle:
  • I am being good and trying not to be such a rampant kneejerk autosuggestable consumerist ... but this nifty hoody is from La Supre.
  • Fritz Leiber, master of Shakespearean sci-fi - The Big Time is an enormously silly, but entertaining, tale of space-time travel with copious Elizabethan references
  • Men like negotiating curves - but of course.
  • New York socialites ahoy
  • Beauty bloopers get peeps all afired up
  • Latest Artkrush looks at Painting in the 21st century
  • Jeeves and Wooster. Bless.

  • Stereogum presents Enjoyed: A Tribute to Bjork (thanks to Malcolm for this one)
  • Homemade version of Tron
  • Neon Neon's Stainless Style. This one's "I lust you" ...

  • Then onwards, on to the roller disco ...

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