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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

up to date

my oath haven't been here for a while. all apologies. My energy has been absorbed by finding a new home ... and now I have. It is peachy, can't wait to get in there and pimp it to my needs. It is so close to town, with Spagalimis, Thai, organic fruit and vege, daily bagel, all a mere moment away.

One of the funniest things on telly recently was "Malcolm in the middle". Mrs Malcolm found a girly mag in one of the boys' drawers. She took a whole bunch of polaroids of her own face and stuck them on the girlie mag bodies. Very Freudian. And there was fighting Uncle Sams on stilts, but I guess you had to be there.

Had a good idea for a back tattoo. It is an image by Man Ray

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Brash got back

That's The Don (Brash) at Cup Day. His burly security guy at left.

Went to the krumping/clowning doco "Rize" at Film Fest. Inspired by the antics of Miss Prissy etc

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Friday, August 12, 2005


Been a few good Spam names lately:
Chiba A Hooey
Flightless O Jerome
and Tackles P Plumage.

And if you want a good vampire book (of course YOU DO), try THE HISTORIAN by Elizabeth Kostova. It's a whole different kettle of bloodsuckers from Anne Rice ...

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

more lil lists

10 physical/fashion attributes of perfect man

Sar's List
built arms
cute face
full lips
american uni/preppy dress sense
dark hair you can run fingers through that is not longer than collar
hot accent
looks good in a cap
boxers not briefs
clean shaven

My List
beautiful eyes
rosy cheeks
defined biceps
broad shoulders
glossy hair
oxford style preppy/bohemian clothing
horn rimmed specs
not hairy
strong hands

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Friday, August 05, 2005

Best names, lists, stuff, High Fidelity time

Little sis Sar and me have a fun time on the email sometimes shooting the breeze and doing "High Fidelity" style lists


My list:
Overly sweet wine
Large noses on boys
Sweet child of mine
Sparkly things
Reality tv
Blowing up balloons
Animals dressed up in clothes
"pretend" coffees

Sar's List:
new mariah carey songs
milli vanilli
bis - eurodisco
dirk bogarde pic in leather pants
jessica's simpson's life
bad (i mean BAD) 80s horrors
bouncy pony tails

Best names I have come across in real life:
Hung Lo
Slumber Socks Badubi

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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

John Currin

Anyone who has been near my desk at work will have noticed this rather fetching image on a postcard on the wall. The artist is John Currin and his paintings are quite freaky.

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