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Thursday, December 27, 2007

A gathering of stuff

And lo, I checked my email and found all this enjoyable STUFF:
  • The best Youtube of the year - all managers should be watching:

  • Happy news for Dux beer lovers: Dux Lager and Ginger Tom are the first of the Dux Beers to hit supermarket shelves - available now at: Fresh Choice Barrington, Fresh Choice Merivale, Fresh Choice Parklands, Fresh Choice Avonhead, New World Halswell and Pak n Save Riccarton. I've already bought some Ginger Tom. mmmMMMMMMmm
  • The Age reports on the new beauty myth and a related posting on cost of beauty maintenance and a dumbass called Tab Safran who opined that British women are shabby dogs. And then he came up with this rebuttal Oh please, you lard-butt British frumps have got off too lightly. Charmer.
  • Richard Hammond's hair beats James May's. But of course.
  • Belle and Sebastian. Just because.
  • Musical exhibitions to attract you to Melbourne. Including Nicholas Cave.
    Tim Walker photo
    As usual The Sunday Times Style mag and The Times Online are laden with goodies:
  • The Dreamcatcher - Tim Walker's evocations of English beauty and quirkiness are sublime. Here's a selection
  • Behind the scenes of the new Dr Who Christmas special starring Kylie
  • French Pres Sarkozy is dating Carla Bruni.

    Spamalot - all good for New Year:
    SizableShlongSheldon. Obtain a huge schlong for a new year! Promote your little soldier of love in a new year!

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  • Merry Christmas ...

    Kringly Blythe
    Originally uploaded by kebabette
    Well, all the wrapping paper has been disposed of for another year. Hope everyone had a happy whanau time of it. I had two lovely family dos and plenty of food partaken of on a scorcher of a day.

    On holiday until 3 January, have been to see Golden Compass (verdict: well done, but the books are still the way to go) and hit the odd Boxing Day sale shop.

    Happy 2008 to all ...

    Wednesday, December 12, 2007


    One of my flickr contacts is Fashion Addict Diary and they have posted the most capitivating and original fashion photos I have seen in a long time.

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    Tuesday, December 11, 2007

    So shoe me

    Nearly time for the "Outrageous Fortune" finale ...

    Shoes! Irregular Choice is still my great love. And they are still making Blythe shoes too. A match made in heaven.

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    Monday, December 03, 2007

    Adam in Akaroa

    Beautiful Things

    New French cancan saucepot Blythe. Plus there is a newbie for the upcoming Chinese New Year.

    Muse at Westpac Trust last Sunday - sublime, Matt Bellamy was sheer energy and genius in motion. Beautiful. Big ups to "Time is running out".

    New Trinny and Susannah - body shape stuff again.

    Bad Sex Awards - Norman Mailer wins.

    Times article on Patrick Wolf -
    Patrick Wolf – singer, composer, fashion muse, heart-throb, perhaps pop’s next wunderkind – is so so gaudily beautiful, so sweetly puppyish, all 6ft 4in of him, in his camel-coloured sweater, denim lederhosen with silver braces, over-the-knee socks and locks the colour of a Wham bar, that it seems a shame (not to mention impossible) to ask him to calm down.

    Marilyn Monroe
    Plus have Blythe Christmas ensemble on order

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