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Thursday, July 27, 2006

KIA ORA it is Te Wiki o te Reo Māori /Māori Language Week

See the Library's info

Kārehu ana tō hoa
"He's got no idea"

Waiho te rorohiko, haere ki waho tākaro ai
"Leave that computer and play outside for a while"

Haere mai ki te whāwhā
"Let me warm you up"

Ko taku tino runaruna he kanikani
"My favourite pastime is dancing"

Kaua e whakataka i te hopi!
"Don't drop the soap"


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

T-shirt mania

Shot dead in the head
Palmer Cash
Mr Vintage

Current faves:

Book Slut

Have discovered Bookslut and Boldtype. Like their Cafepress stuff.

It is definitely bookie time. Vote for your fave in the "What's your favourite" competition.
I picked Dan Rhodes ... "Anthropology and a hundred other stories". Each story is very short and so damn clever. Here's a couple for your delectation courtesty of Random House:

My girlfriend is so pretty that I can't get over it. Every week I celebrate the alignment of her features by parading a giant photograph of her lovely face around the town center. I've written the words "pretty face" on the picture's border, and drawn an arrow to direct people's attention toward it. It's not bragging, because it's her that's the pretty one, not me. I'm going to parade every week for as long as she lets me be her boyfriend, and probably even longer. Nothing's going to put me off, not even the shouts of "Had her" or "Been there."

I'm hopelessly in love with a bland girl. She has never said or done anything interesting. I spend hours trying to work out why I'm so deeply attached to her. I can't find the answer. Her hair is boring, her face is boring and her body is boring. Every time I come home from work to find her slumped on the sofa, surrounded by used yogurt cups, my heart explodes and I feel giddy, like I'm walking on air. I take her lifeless hand, kiss her pale cheek and say, "They broke the mold when they made you." She rarely responds.

See Dan's site for more

if you are in need of further entertainment, check out this site filled with scary bridesmaid outfits.