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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Spookydooky music coincidences

Sometimes music really is a soundtrack to your life ...
2 utterly coincidental moments recently. Making my way to work very tentatively on a frosty icy morning, What was in my headphones? "Slide Away" Oasis. Ahem. And the next day, when plagued by a nasty eye eczema thingie what was I serenaded with? "Ole Red Eyes is Back" by The Beautiful South. Now that is just bloody spooky.

Now have a turntable at home! Thanks to the ever able and talented SS for setting it up so it runs through my pc AND stereo. Am indulging myself by listening to all my old vinyl. Currently "Neil's Heavy Concept Album" is on. It rocks, especially "Lentil Nightmare". Have listened to Cheap Trick, Donna Summer, and Gothic (freaky soundtrack album - the movie starred Gabriel Byrne as that sexiest of motherfuckers Lord Byron - very louche in a velvet dressing gown and pot belly - Alices has it)

Have also got myself a myspace Grumble, grumble, but means I can check out some music and stuff. Have entreated Nick Cave and ABC's Martin Fry to make me their friend ... and it did mean I got to make some fun lists of movies etc.

Currently reading "Ava Gardner" - what a fabulous creature. A good read.
If you like Hollywood bios or autobios, one of my favourite movie star books is Lulu in Hollywood by the sleek 20s icon Louise Brooks. Do read it.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Orange Pumpkin goes Showgirl

Orange Pumpkin goes Showgirl
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who knew she has thigh high fishnets on under her dress ...

Tatianna Black

Tatianna Black
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Like her Elizabeth Tayor violet eyes ...

Cassandra Black

Cassandra Black
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Cassandra tries the cheongsam and it suits her.

Shanghai Surprise

Shanghai Surprise
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Took a few piccies of the Petite Blythes in new outfits etc. Such photogenic little bee arches they are.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Pink Russians

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Spotted this little beauty in the Hat Shop. Could justify the purchase given that Christchurch is currently like Vladivostock ...

Fight Club

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Winners of the 2006 LIANZA Quiz ... but we can't talk about it cos what happens at Fight Club.

Christchurch Snow June 22 2006

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Yup it snowed again today ... but it ain't so bad. Pity the poor buggers with no power in South Canterbury for 11 days.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Man Himself & Survivalism

Ross Poldark, duelling scar and all. The Library has Poldark on DVD, and Father Ted, and just watched the amazing doc Touching the Void (one of the great survival stories). And have also got out the new book Miracle in the Andes by Nando Parrado - the "Alive" story by one of the participants. Have read the Piers Paul Read long long ago, and seen the movie.

On a lighter note, have discovered a shop in Melbourne called Vinyl Solution that has the song on vinyl that I have a strong hankering to hear ... A cha cha at the opera. Early 80s I pummelled this one on the jukebox in Te Anau.

PS Welcome to the Joy of Blogging to

Monday, June 19, 2006

love's a dangerous language

so become fluent ...

and also in the passionate vein, Guardian lists the top 10 intense women writers. from Heloise to Sylvia Plath ...

Prideful moment when our team "Fight Club" won the Library Quiz against gallant competitors like "Team Kunta Kunt Eh". Thanks to my wonderful bruised teammates K and M.

Saturday night went to a Prenzels tasting. Good Lord, those topsy tippings, tipsy topping things are DA BOMB. Dessert and alcohol in one unholy delectable combo. I plumped (literally) for the Black Sambuca and the Butterscotch.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Welcome Home PC

Yup I have finally leapt into the 21st century and got a home pc. Fabbo.

Here are some recent piccies of new Petite Blythes:

Shanghai Surprise is quite a sleek little thing; Spirit n spice; Wake up kiss beside a Guy Bourdin photo. One of the strangest sites I have seen recently is She can be hot. Sexed up Blythes with boob jobs!

For more pics of friends, the lads etc see my Flickr

World Cup footie is on at the moment, I have these guys. For a bit of the Phew! factor, I love this article about the Dream Team. Special thanks to Fraser (of The Joint for the best ever theme Cup My Balls.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Hot things

Kia ora
back on deck
Will warm myself back into blogging with a spot of LISTmania - things we like

My List

Polka dots
Hip hop
hot chocolate
Black satin gloves
Dress whites
Boy biceps
Disaster movies
Kitten heels
Stockings and suspenders
Looking like an off duty ballerina/dancer/oldskool movie star
Big sunnies
Classic perfumes
Merlot malbec
The smell of babies
Terry toweling
Italian boys
Russian boys

Sar's List

semillion sav
verve cliquet
smokey eyes
young gabriel bryne
the sound of clapping
pussy cats
toned arms
white gloves
ballet slippers
soulful house
stock aitken and waterman
hoop earrings
clothes that stay white
Tim Roth
black taffeta dresses