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Monday, January 28, 2008

There is a light (and it never goes out)

Well the Buskers have gone. Adios. I think juggling is soporific, but big loves to the gymnast and contortionists - you rule pretzel people and elastogirls.

La Carmina, the Gothic Lolita blog, has a posting on Marten Baas's Gothic burned furniture.

SS and I were discussing the merits of the song Ode to Billy Joe by Bobbie Gentry. We were listening to a cover version by Sinead O'Connor. Which led on to trying to remember another sinister song about "down by the river" etc etc. Turns out we were thinking of this classic: "Hazard" by Richard Marx.

I have a theory - BURIAL = ROBBIE WILLIAMS. Possible??

Tuberose might just be the sexiest flower evah evah:
Tuberose signifies death, danger and pleasure. It's slippery and ragged, glamorous and wild beyond measure, with not a skerrick of modesty. It's the Francisco Goya of fragrance, like reading Charles Baudelaire or drinking aged sauternes. Roja Dove, a British perfume specialist, noted in The Independent newspaper that, "Tuberose is the most carnal of the floral notes. It smells like very, very hot flesh after you've had sex - that's the bottom line."


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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Believe the Hype

The Hype Machine
I tend to play around with new web sites and trickeries, some stick, some don't (bye bye Myspace, sorry Library Thing - too many books, too little time, and too much of a desire to do quality cataloguing). But here is one that is going to STICK. The goddess Tulip Black has hooked me up with The Hype Machine. It "tracks a variety of MP3 blogs. If a post contains MP3 links, it adds those links to its database and displays them on the front page". So you can track new music, artists, etc.

I've added a widget in the right hand navigation so I can see what music is good.

And in the wonderfully web like nature of the web, I ended up on My Old Kentucky Blog, delving into their cover version project. All roads lead to Kate Bush. Specially the ones you run up.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wilkommen 2008

An ingenious use of your vinyl sleeves...

Rome is back on TV1 on Sunday nights ... et tu hot Brutus

Most sought after book - Lost Girls by Alan Moore - reviewed by Michel Faber. Huge, and purple in all senses.

10 fashion rules for 2008

Cate B looks wunderbar as a Russian dominatrix in the upcoming Indiana Jones movie. Kapow!

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Everything's coming up roses

Originally uploaded by kebabette
We had a nice outing to the Rose Garden in the Botanic Gardens of Hagley Park, the roses were all out and proud and just delicious.